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The cost of shipping in

 Italy is € 5,90

European Union and UK is € 12.90

Outside the Union, Canada and the USA it is € 30

Russia is € 25

Andorra, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland is € 30

Rest of the world from € 55 to € 65 (for specifics see Shipping section)

For shipments outside the EU, customs duties and expenses are also charged to the customer

Returns outside the European Union and related costs and customs duties are charged to the customer


The prices published on the site, payments, receipts and invoices for orders are in Euros.

You can select the desired language and currency in the "Currency and" Language "sections on the site.

A receipt is issued for any order.

During the purchase process it is possible to request the issuance of an invoice. To issue this document, you must enter a billing address complete with tax information. If it is a natural person or a sole proprietorship, the tax code is required

If the invoice is not requested when placing the order, it cannot be requested at a later time.


We accept the following credit cards



American Express*

Union pay*

*the time of order fulfillment with this type of payment could be longer due to preventive fraud controls

New payment methods available









In the case of using PayPal with PayPal, the Customer will be able to pay the order directly through your verified PayPal account. The Company informs you that only payments made and receipts from verified accounts will be accepted and reserves the right to ship the Products that are the subject of Customer's order to the address listed on the verified PayPal account.

Payments Orders from Unverified PayPal Accounts will be canceled and, consequently, will not be shipped from the Company.

Payments subject to and check will be sent on the first useful day after confirmation by Pay pal of the accreditation (5-7 DAYS)


In case of payment of the products by bank transfer, the bank details of the company will be indicated in the order confirmation of the customer sent by e-mail from the company. In this case, the products subject to the Customer’s order will be stored pending the credit of the corresponding amounts on the company’s current account. In any case, the customer will be required to send the company within 4 days of receipt of the order confirmation by e-mail a copy of the bank transfer order addressed to the latter. In the absence of receipt, within the above-mentioned period of 4 days, of a copy of the bank transfer, the company will cancel the customer’s order. The sending of the Customer’s order will be carried out as soon as the company has received the actual credit on its current account of the amounts corresponding to the order.

Our bank details are:

Drestige web s.r.l. - Banca Sella s.p.a  

IBAN: IT29L0326841560052220371490




Payment through MyBank allows you to easily and securely make online payments using your bank's online banking service. Once you have chosen  MyBank payment option, type the name of your bank, you will be automatically redirected to your online banking service where you can enter your usual access codes to the online banking service without releasing sensitive data to third parties. After checking the payment details, you must authorize the transaction and you will receive confirmation of the payment directly from your bank. Then, you must return to the site to receive further information from the shopkeeper. With this payment method, the order will be processed in the same time and in the same manner as a credit card. If the customer does not find his bank in the drop-down menu, it is possible that that bank has not yet joined the MyBank circuit. It will therefore be necessary to select a different method of payment.


The company offers the possibility of choosing the mark as a payment method.

There are fixed charges of £4,45 in italy and £ 8.60 in eu

Payment is made in cash at delivery (courier does not accept checks and does not give change). The service is available only for eu. Please check if the shipping location chosen is covered by the service, filling in the part of your shipping cart details.

In the event that the shipment of a order made with a mark would not be successful for causes attributable to the customer, the company reserves the right not to proceed with any other order with the same payment method. The customer who chooses the mark as a payment method must have a current post or bank account for a possible refund in case of return.

The company reserves the right to contact the customer to request confirmation of the order and payment.

The company reserves the right to cancel the order if it believes that the customer's data and requirements do not meet safety standards.


Pay anywhere and as you like with your card or your smartphone. With HYPE you have everything at hand. Pay anywhere in the world in a simple and intuitive way, always. You can choose to do it with your card or smartphone


With Ideal you can make online payments reliably, safely and easily. Payments are made using your bank’s mobile banking app or online banking environment. Ideal is a direct online transfer from your bank account to an entrepreneur’s bank account.


Sofort Banking can be used by buyers from 8 countries in Europe. This makes it the ideal payment method to enable expansion at European level, which will drive conversions. It is available in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Poland. It works with most consumer banks in these countries. It is also a reliable and easy method to pay online. Customers with their familiar online banking credentials to access the online banking environment and from there transfer money directly from their bank account.


When customers choose to pay they are redirected to the online banking environment of Sofort Banking. Here they choose their country and their bank. They connect with their online banking credentials and their accounts are displayed. Customers then choose which account they want to transfer payment from. Finally, the payment is authorized and the customers are returned to the webstore. The trader then receives an immediate confirmation of the payment.


In Yandex.Checkout, payments have a limited time period. If the user does not complete the payment before the deadline, the payment will not be processed and the order can be cancelled. When you pay via internet banking or other external payment system, you receive a payment request (invoice) from Yandex.Checkout. If this system still has time for the user to pay, but the Yandex.Checkout deadline has already expired, the money will be charged, but the payment will not be processed. The money will be refunded to the user: within one day if paid through Sberbank and Alfa-Click, immediately if paid by other methods


Buy in affiliated stores safely and without using your credit card. Enjoy your shopping: pay in a few simple taps from your smartphone.

Google Pay

Google Pay is a quick and easy way to pay on sites, apps and stores using cards saved in your Google account. Google Pay protects your payment data with multiple levels of security and allows you to make payments in complete serenity.


Our company guarantees you a secure payment. Your bank details are fully encrypted and protected by the security system.

After the order is confirmed, the payment application is transferred in real-time on the online payment platform. From here a request for authorization to the credit card circuit is sent. The on-line payment manager issues an electronic certificate.

This means that your bank information is not circulated on the internet and is by no means visible to the company, so for every new order we require credit card details.

In addition, some credit cards, to protect you from online fraud, require a further security code to be added to confirm your payment. The code is provided by your bank.