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Drestige web s.r.l. represents one of the most well-known Apulian entrepreneurial realities in the world of fashion e-commerce, through the resale of the most well-known brands from a national and international perspective of its partners.


The constant improvement of the service to be offered to our partners requires us to expand the company human resources by seeking the highest level of preparation and competence.




We list the positions opened by drestige.com



Freelance Translators




The candidate will be responsible for translating the texts of the website and the catalogs of the collections. The work will take place via the e-commerce platform, remotely.




Fundamental requirements




- professional experience.


- excellent translation skills in the required language (possibly mother tongue).


- excellent linguistic and textual competence of the Italian language.


- competence in the research, acquisition and processing of information.


- good knowledge of the terminology of the e-commerce and luxury fashion sectors.




Positions sought:


Arabic language translator


Chinese language translator


Swedish language translator


Dutch language translator


Finnish language translator


Danish language translator


Norwegian language translator






Freelance Photographer


A freelance photographer, he will need to be able to complete any of his assigned work following Drestige.com guidelines and will ensure that production and productivity goals are met on schedule.

The candidate will take care of photographing the garments or goods selected on the recommendation of the studio managers.

This role requires a highly collaborative style and the ability to work in a team must be able to carry out large flows of images, must be precise and fast.

There will be the possibility that you will be asked to produce editorial material or to follow projects differently structured from what is the main daily work of e-commerce, still life or worn.

Minimum experience in fashion, preferably in a position similar to the above.

Knowledge of fashion brands.

Ability to prioritize, plan and execute with problem solving skills.


Workplace Casamassima (BARI)




Technical requirements and computer skills

- Photographic skills

- Studio lighting set management

- Photoshop basic level

- Base level Lightroom

- Capture One basic level

- Adobe suite

- Office suite

Availability to travel





Freelance Stylist


The resource we are looking for must be able to follow Drestige guidelines, It must ensure the achievement of production and productivity objectives.

The ideal candidate must have the ability to understand the identity of the brand he is working on, merging it with company guidelines. This role requires a highly collaborative style and the ability to influence and motivate the team

in order to achieve the desired results.


Manage your time appropriately and collaborate with the production team on set (hair and makeup,

photographers, set coordinators), to reach the daily production goals.


Knowledge of construction, fabrics, color and matching of garments is an advantage.

Exceptional sense of fashion and style with a proven ability to keep up with trends

Knowledge of current fashion trends and luxury designer labels.


Workplace Casamassima (BARI)





Ability to prioritize, plan and execute with problem solving skills.

Proven ability to process high volumes of workflow

Team player with great interpersonal skills.





Freelance assistant stylist


The resource we are looking for will support the photostudio, will take care of the preparation of the articles shot in the photographic studios.

Experience in fashion, preferably in a website or e-commerce, or clothing stores, or university education in the sector.

Knowledge of the different brands and their recognition codes, to have a greater organizational sense.

Workplace Casamassima (BARI)






Ability to prioritize, plan and execute with problem solving skills.

Proven ability to process high volumes of workflow

Team player with great interpersonal skills.

Data Quality Management

The quality of web data has become a key concern for DRESTIGE. Despite its importance and many years of active research and practice, the field still requires methods for its evaluation and improvement. You need the right metrics to quantify its quality

Data quality is a concept of "data" that falls within the variegated world of business intelligence. We talk about data quality as "fitness for use", that is the adequacy of the data to the process. "It is not a question of speaking only of the accuracy of the data itself, but also of updating, adequate representation, attention to multidimensionality. When we deal with data, the risk we run is not to have a correspondence with the reality of the company. C 'is therefore a lot of subjectivity ".

Planning business actions necessarily requires a strong attention to data quality and their modeling: the more the enterprise data is contextualized, the greater the opportunities to carry out analyzes capable of producing actions that generate business value.

The ability to improve enterprise data is precisely the main difference between a modern data catalog and traditional metadata stores

Being able to define a metric to measure the quality of data is a fundamental condition for starting a positive recursive process.

The metrics to measure the quality of the data of a system or a company can be defined by correlating the business objectives with the different categories of errors that can be associated with the data, which can be traced back to the following:


•       missing data;

• incorrect data;

• unreasonable values;

• inconsistent formatting;

• entities without unique identification;

• lack of reference integrity between the data values ​​within the model;

• inaccurate predictions of the number of data links;

• inaccurate predictions in the presence of field values ​​based on other values ​​(subtype / supertype);

• attributes used for multiple meanings;

• calculation errors;

• data that does not fall within their intended coding.

 To improve data quality DRESTIGE looks for a candidate who is capable of performing with accuracy and precision

1. Data cleansing and profiling .:

2. must control its own processes.

The Whole must take place as a dynamic process, constantly reviewed and adapted to the needs of a rapidly changing global market.


In summary, the candidate must make effective analyzes on data from a variety of sources, allowing DRESTIGE to optimize products, improve customer service, increase turnover, reduce expenses and make tactical and strategic decisions in a more informed way .


Seo / Sem Specialist


The candidate must have an excellent knowledge of search engines and positioning and indexing logic, combined with a good ability to develop content and terminology used in the world of fashion from an SEO perspective. All this to be able to implement a description of the products in the catalog in the way best suited to the requirements of search engines.


Fundamental requirements


- familiarity with the dynamics of SEO and search engine marketing.

- excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office package.

- excellent knowledge of written and spoken English.

- excellent interpersonal, communication and organizational skills.